Child Protection- Sport & Active Leisure

Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure, is for those who work with children and young people in a sport or leisure setting. Its purpose is to raise your awareness of abuse and neglect, help you to recognise early signs there might be a problem, and show you how to take appropriate action.

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Child Protection- Sport & Active Leisure

5 hours
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Course Overview

This course is for those who work with children and young people in a sport or leisure setting. The purpose of the course is to raise your understanding of abuse and neglect, assist you to recognise early signs that there may be a problem, and show you how to take appropriate action. It is essential for everyone that works with children and young people in any sport or leisure capacity to be conscious of their typical developmental stages and progressions of development.

This five module coursecomprehensively covers:

  • what forms child abuse can take and the effects it can have
  • signs that may mean a child is suffering abuse and how to respond if a child confides in you
  • processes for reporting abuse
  • the child protection system
  • good practice guidelines.

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£49 £25

This course include

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  • Access on desktop, tablet and mobile Access on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Certificate of Completion Certificate of Completion