Personal Care Awareness

Personal Care Awareness

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Keeping yourself, or someone you are caring for, clean is essential for good health. Learners will come away from this online Personal Care training course with the ability to deliver quality personal care, the key principles of good care planning, why it’s important to record and report, and the correct policies and procedures. They will also know how to provide this sensitively and respectfully and learn the importance of inclusive care. This Personal Care training online course explains how to provide personal care in a safe and hygienic way including hand washing, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and disposal of waste.

The aim of this Personal Care training course is to increase your knowledge of personal care and care plans, as well as the relevant legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • What is Personal Care?
  • Baths and showers
  • Feet, nail, hair, mouth and denture care
  • The safety rules and standard precautions
  • Recording and reporting
  • Policies and procedures
£49 £25

This course include

  • Language - English Language - English
  • Access on desktop, tablet and mobile Access on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Certificate of Completion Certificate of Completion

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Studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Nursing means you are ready to stand out to employers in the care profession and develop strong care skills and knowledge. Covering essential concepts in modern care, including:
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We employ New Headway’s trusted methodology that combines:
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