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The Oxford College, a distinguished institution within the Oxford Education Group (OEG), offers much more than a standard education. With a faculty of highly experienced educators and a diverse student body spanning the globe, it serves as a dynamic force for reshaping education into a direct pathway to success. For ambitious individuals seeking a vibrant career and immediate access to global opportunities, The Oxford College stands as the optimal choice.

Our institution provides an extensive array of online courses that consistently exceed expectations, encompassing a broad spectrum of fields, including Professional Development, Health, Social Care, English Language, and Business Management. At The Oxford College, we transcend traditional educational experiences. Our track record is marked by helping students attain higher education qualifications through online platforms, unveiling their hidden talents, offering accredited courses, and furnishing recognized certificates that pave the way for their future endeavours. Join a thriving community of accomplished professionals from all corners of the world who have already realized both personal and professional triumphs. The Oxford College welcomes individuals who aspire to reach new heights and seize rewarding opportunities.

Undoubtedly, the UK has firmly established itself as a global leader in education. At The Oxford College, our ambition is to attain recognition as the foremost online education hub, connecting teachers and students from every corner of the world to collaborate and collectively shape a brighter future. We take immense pride in our accreditation from prestigious Awarding bodies. 

Our commitment goes far beyond merely offering a platform. We are dedicated to guiding and supporting you at every stage of your educational journey, whether it’s helping you discover the most suitable course, innovating new programs, improving the quality of our online courses, or providing unwavering support to help you reach your aspirations. The Oxford College is fully committed to empowering you to unlock your full potential. Join us and experience firsthand how The Oxford College can propel you toward your goals, enabling you to thrive in both personal and professional realms. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey towards unparalleled success.


Who we are

In 2016, The Oxford College came into existence as a visionary response to the evolving landscape of education. Its founders, a group of forward-thinking educators and industry leaders, recognized the pressing need for a modern and innovative institution that could adapt to the changing demands of the 21st century. This visionary team had a shared belief that education should not be confined by geographical boundaries and that it could be a powerful catalyst for individual growth and global progress.

The college was founded on several core principles:

Global Connectivity: The founders understood the importance of global collaboration in today’s interconnected world. They aimed to create a college that would serve as a bridge, allowing students and educators from diverse backgrounds and corners of the world to come together, share knowledge, and collaborate on a global scale.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Recognizing the transformative potential of technology in education, The Oxford College was established as a pioneer in online learning. It adopted the latest technological advancements to create an immersive and interactive learning environment that would engage students and prepare them for the digital age.

Quality Education: The founders were committed to offering high-quality education that would not only be academically rigorous but also practical and applicable to real-world challenges. They forged partnerships with renowned accrediting bodies and institutions to ensure that the college’s programs met the highest standards of excellence.

Empowerment and Inclusivity: The college’s mission was to empower individuals from all walks of life to pursue their educational and career goals. Scholarships and financial aid programs were established to make education accessible to a broader spectrum of students, and a diverse faculty was recruited to provide a well-rounded perspective.

Over the years, The Oxford College has grown and evolved, continually adapting to the changing needs of its students and the demands of a rapidly changing world. It has earned a reputation for excellence in online education, consistently producing graduates who are well-prepared to thrive in their chosen fields. As the college celebrates its journey from 2016 to the present day, it remains committed to its founding principles of global connectivity, technological innovation, quality education, and empowerment. The story of The Oxford College is one of determination, vision, and a dedication to preparing individuals for a future where education knows no boundaries.


Timeline of key achievements and milestones for The Oxford College since its establishment in 2016, including its expansion into Asia in 2018 and its move into China in 2023:

2016 – The Beginning: The Oxford College is founded with a mission to provide high-quality online education globally. The college launches its initial online courses across various disciplines.

2017 – Rapid Growth: Student enrolment sees substantial growth as The Oxford College gains recognition for its innovative online education model. The college begins expanding its course offerings to cover a broader range of subjects.

2018 – Expansion into Asia: Recognizing the growing demand for online education in Asia, The Oxford College expands its reach into the Asian market. Establishes partnerships with Asian educational institutions to enhance its regional presence.

2019 – Strengthening Global Ties: Forges international collaborations with universities and organizations to facilitate research and academic exchange programs. Launches additional scholarships for students from diverse backgrounds, promoting inclusivity.

2020 – Technological Advancements: Invests in state-of-the-art technology to create immersive online learning environments. Successfully transitions to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring educational continuity for students worldwide.

2021 – Alumni Success Stories: Celebrates the achievements of its alumni who have excelled in various industries globally. The college’s reputation for academic excellence continues to grow.

2022 – Fostering a Global Community: Establishes 24/7 student support services, enhancing the overall student experience. Alumni networks and international student associations are formed, fostering a sense of community among learners.

2023 – Expansion into China: Recognizing China’s growing demand for quality online education, The Oxford College strategically expands its operations into China. Forms partnerships with Chinese partner to ensure compliance with local requirements.

2024 – Educational Innovation in China: Launches tailored programs to meet the specific needs of Chinese students and industries. Opens a dedicated office and support centre in China, further solidifying its presence in the region.

2025 – Leading in Asia: Gains recognition as a leading online education provider in Asia, with a significant student population in China. Continues to develop partnerships and collaborations within China’s educational ecosystem.

The college’s journey is marked by continuous growth, innovation, and a dedication to excellence in education, now with a strong focus on serving the education needs of China’s vast and dynamic market.