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The Oxford College, a distinguished institution within the Oxford Education Group (OEG), offers far more than a standard education. With a faculty of highly experienced educators and a diverse student body spanning the globe, it serves as a catalyst for transforming education into a pathway to success. For ambitious individuals seeking a thriving career and immediate access to international opportunities, The Oxford College is the ideal choice.

Our institution provides a comprehensive selection of online courses that surpasses expectations, covering a wide range of fields including Professional Development, Health, Social Care, English Language, and Business Management. At The Oxford College, we go beyond conventional educational experiences. We have a proven track record of assisting students in attaining higher education qualifications through online platforms, unearthing their latent talents, offering accredited courses, and providing recognized certificates that pave the way for their future endeavors.

Join a community of accomplished professionals from around the world who have already achieved both personal and professional triumphs. The Oxford College welcomes individuals who aspire to reach new heights and seize rewarding opportunities


Who we are

Undoubtedly, the UK has firmly cemented its reputation as a global leader in education. At The Oxford College, our aim is to be recognized as the foremost online education portal, where teachers and students from all corners of the world can connect and collaborate to shape a better future. We take pride in our certification from the esteemed TQUK Awarding body and our registration with The UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP).

Our commitment extends beyond merely providing a platform. We strive to guide and assist you every step of the way, whether it’s helping you discover the most suitable course, developing new and innovative programs, enhancing the quality of our online courses, or offering unwavering support to help you achieve your aspirations. The Oxford College is dedicated to empowering you to unleash your full potential.

Join us and experience firsthand how The Oxford College can propel you towards your goals, enabling you to flourish in both personal and professional spheres. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey towards success.

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Value for Money ​

Value for Money

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Global Community

Our courses are widespread for students and teachers in the global community

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Our Mission

At The Oxford College, our unwavering commitment lies in empowering students worldwide to undergo profound intellectual, personal, and professional transformations that pave the way for remarkable career growth.


From real students
  • The chance to undertake a 'Qualified Teacher Status (QTLS)' without having to leave my job or pay the high fees charged by universities, is just amazing. Thank you
    Michelle - Birmingham
  • There is a huge need in the MENA region for the courses that The Oxford College are making available. I have been based in the region for 20+ years and its about time. Exciting times ahead.
    Ahmed - Riyadh
  • I am thrilled to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with The Oxford College and their exceptional college courses. As a student, I was seeking a program that would not only provide me with a quality education but also equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career. I can confidently say that The Oxford College exceeded all my expectations.
    Ariel (Philippines) - UAE Based
  • The online learning platform provided by The Oxford College was seamless and user-friendly. I appreciated the flexibility it offered, allowing me to access course materials and participate in discussions at my own pace. The support team was always available to promptly address any technical issues or answer my questions, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience.
    Paola Olivera - Dubai