Health & Safety

This course is aimed at those who work within any educational establishment. It delivers essential information to allow all staff to understand, follow and contribute to HSE compliant health and safety systems implemented by their organisation’s leadership.

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Health & Safety

5 Hours
All levels
5 lessons
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100 students

Course description

It provides crucial information to enable all staff to understand, follow and contribute to HSE compliant health & safety systems applied by leadership.

By the end of the course you will understand:

  1. The legal position and who enforces health & safety law in the UK.
  2. Health & Safety policies and procedures.
  3. Risk assessments – including the HSE’s 5-step process for undertaking them.
  4. The importance of communication, co-operation, co-ordination and consultation in your organisation.
  5. Statutory inspection, maintenance and monitoring of systems and equipment.
  6. Specific health and safety considerations including fire/emergency procedures, first aid, display screen equipment, working at height, manual handling, hazardous substances, electricity, welfare, asbestos, water hygiene and lone working.

Key features

  • Level 2 course (as graded against the nationally accepted levels,).
  • A fully interactive course and end of course questionnaire.
  • 70% pass mark.
  • Printable module for future reference.




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