Communication & Record Keeping

Communication & Record Keeping

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Effective communication and correct record keeping are essential within the care sector for the wellbeing of patients and to protect the organisation should an error arise. By using the correct procedure, the treatment, history and medication of the patient should be properly documented so as to protect yourself and your organisation if discrepancies happen. Our Communication Skills training course will teach your staff the methods to communicate effectively, different models and common techniques of communication, how to effectively record data in a care environment, how to prevent errors when record keeping and the legislation best practice in regards to communication and record keeping. This Record Keeping and Communication training course is perfect for nurses, care workers or anyone working in health and social care.

The aim of this healthcare communication training course is to greater increase your knowledge of record keeping and the importance of communication, as well as relevant legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Defining communication
  • Methods
  • Models
  • Techniques
  • Managing communication
  • Legislation and best practice
  • Effective record keeping
  • Preventative measures
£49 £25

This course include

  • Language - English Language - English
  • Access on desktop, tablet and mobile Access on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Certificate of Completion Certificate of Completion

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Course Outcomes:
    • Understand the COSHH regulations
    • Be able to describe employer and employee responsibilities
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What you'll learn
We employ New Headway's trusted methodology that combines:
  • solid grammar and practice,
  • vocabulary development
  • integrated skills with communicative role-plays
  • personalisation

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