Allergen Awareness

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This course include

  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill Level Beginner Level
  • Language - English Language - English
  • Access on desktop, tablet and mobile Access on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Certificate of Completion Certificate of Completion

Allergen Awareness

10 Weeks
All levels
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By law, food handlers must be able to identify the 14 food allergens and understand why foods containing allergens must be handled carefully. Our Allergen training course teaches learners the difference between a food allergy and intolerance, allergic reactions and symptoms, the 14 allergens and products which contain them. It covers the responsibilities of the operator, what information should be on pre-packed food labels, and what you need to consider to keep customers safe.

This Allergen course is aimed at food handlers or anyone that works with food, whether it’s food production, packaging, distribution, processing, food retail or catering.

Currently, there are no known cures for food allergies and intolerances, and some cases can prove life-threatening. Ensuring your employees are trained can protect not only your company legally but also your customers medically.

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What you'll learn
This course comprehensively covers:
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What you'll learn
Course Outcomes:
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    • Explain the risks of toxic, corrosive and flammable substances
    • Describe the necessary precautions to deal with each type of substance
    • Be able to assess the risks of a hazardous substance and know how to avoid them
    • Understand what information is recorded on safety data sheets
    • Be able to interpret current and international COSHH signage
    • Identify which COSHH substances are present in their workplace
    • Understand the importance of using the correct containers for different substances
    • Be able to identify COSHH specific risks in different workplace scenarios

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What you'll learn
Key features
  • Five modules with five multiple-choice questionnaires
  • Personalised downloadable certificate
  • 70% pass mark
  • Printable modules for future reference

Certified By:


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What you'll learn
We employ New Headway's trusted methodology that combines:
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  • vocabulary development
  • integrated skills with communicative role-plays
  • personalization.

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