Level 3 Diploma in Nursing – TQUK Endorsed

This course will prepare you for a wide range of roles in healthcare. If you already work in a care-based position, this qualification will endorse your competencies for senior-level roles in hospitals, domiciliary care, community support and other care settings. This endorsed course would also allow you to pursue self-employed opportunities in private care roles, for example. Having this recognised course under your belt is a statement of your knowledge, skills and professional standards when it comes to working with adults in a range of care environments.


Level 3 Diploma in Nursing – TQUK Endorsed

12 Weeks
All levels
0 lessons
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100 students

Studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Nursing means you are ready to stand out to employers in the care profession & develop strong care skills & knowledge.

Covering the following essential concepts:

  • Unit 1 Communication In Nursing Settings
  • Unit 2 Handling Of Information
  • Unit 3 Health, Safety & Wellbeing In Nursing Settings
  • Unit 4 Duty Of Care In Nursing Settings
  • Unit 5 Responsibilities Of A Nurse
  • Unit 6 Safeguarding & Protection In Nursing Settings
  • Unit 7 Evidence and Evaluation in the Development of Nursing Practice
  • Unit 8 Understand Mental Well-Being & Mental Health
  • Unit 9 Partnership & Policy in Person Centred Care in Nursing
  • Unit 10 Introduction to practice
  • Unit 11 Understand The Process & Experience Of Dementia
  • Unit 12 Globalisation, Health & Healthcare for Adult Nursing
  • Unit 13 Maintaining Quality In Adult Care
  • Unit 14 Introduction to Evidence Based Nursing Practice

This course will prepare you for a wide range of roles in healthcare. Once you enrol on your Nursing Level 3 course, you will gain access to all our e-learning resources. You will be able to login to our virtual learning platform from wherever you are in the world to view all the course materials. We are committed to supporting our students every step of their learning journey.

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