Concussion Awareness

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Concussion Awareness

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Unfortunately, concussions are incredibly common and can happen to anyone who receives a traumatic head injury. If concussion goes unnoticed and untreated, it can lead to long-term dizziness, headaches and confusion for the sufferer. Therefore, it is vital that your staff are aware of concussions and know what to look out for in order to protect your patients. This Concussion Awareness training course will teach your staff what a concussion is, the signs and symptoms of one, how to assess someone with a concussion, first aid measures, when a head injury might be a medical emergency, recovery advice, and sport related concussions. Perfect for coaches, parents, sport officials, trainers, and anyone interested in learning more about concussions.

The aim of this online Concussion training course is to greater increase your knowledge of concussion and the signs of concussion, as well as the relevant legislation. 

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Defining concussion
  • Signs of concussion
  • How to assess a concussion
  • First aid measures
  • Medical emergency
  • Recovery advice
  • Sport concussions

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  • Two modules with two multiple-choice questionnaires
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  • 70% pass mark
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