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  • Duration 12 weeks
  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Enrolled 53 students
  • Language - English Language - English
  • Access on desktop, tablet and mobile Access on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Certificate of Completion Certificate of Completion

Beginner Level English

12 Weeks
All levels
0 lessons
0 quizzes
53 students

Course Description

New Headway Beginner is a new full-length foundation course in basic English for absolute beginners, or for those who have learned a little English but lack confidence to build on it. It provides a solid introduction to the structure of the language, gradually building students’ understanding of basic grammar, equipping them with key vocabulary, and giving them skills to 1 with simple social situations. This is a Beginner course in English intended to provide students with the fundamentals of the English language and a foundation for advancing through the four required levels of English proficiency.

New language is introduced systematically and at a steady pace, allowing students to increase their knowledge of the language and build their confidence. Listening material is provided. New vocabulary is introduced gradually and there are regular controlled practice activities, allowing students to activate the language in a supported way. There are also freer practice activities where students have the ability to start focusing on their fluency. In the everyday English sections, useful chunks of language are presented, which students can use in several different social contexts.

Course Goals

The course aims to achieve the following goals:
1. Understand basic everyday expressions and short, simple texts
2. Engage in simple oral and written communication in order to provide and obtain information
3. Construct very basic and simple sentences
4. Demonstrate limited control of essential grammatical structures

We employ New Headway’s trusted methodology that combines:

  • solid grammar & practice,
  • vocabulary development
  • integrated skills with communicative role-plays
  • personalization.

Authentic material from a variety of sources enables students to see English language in context, and a range of comprehension tasks, language and vocabulary exercises, and extension activities practise the four skills.

Key Features
  • Clear focus on grammar
  • Balanced, integrated-skills syllabus
  • Real-world speaking skills
  • Everyday English
  • Spoken English
  • Music of English

New Headway English Course is a development of the highly successful multi-level Headway series. The choice of activities and materials makes the learning of English stimulating and motivating for both adult and young adult learners. The course combines the best of traditional methods with more recent approaches to help students use English accurately and fluently, and provides a fully comprehensive language teaching series from beginner to advanced.

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